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Western Horseman July 2019

Western Horseman

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The July 2019 issue of Western Horseman puts the next generation in the spotlight. In the feature article “Millennial Cowboys,” author Ross Hecox explains how young cowboys on the Hitch Ranch are striving for better horsemanship and stockmanship. The magazine’s monthly Women of the West department profiles former Miss Rodeo Texas Nikki Woodward and how she takes pride in her ranching roots. Rising country music star Marinna Mori, age  11, balances music and family life on the ranch in the article “Singing a New Tune.”  

Other features include “Figuring Out Fit,” a comprehensive article on how to fit your horse for a saddle, and “Riding Over the Next Ridge,” about Alberta rancher and craftsman Wacey Marr.

Like always the issue focuses on horsemanship and includes an article about how to keep a seasoned horse riding its best (“Coming Unravelled”); a groundwork exercise with horsewoman Kate Neubert (“Soft Body, Soft Mind”); and a helpful health article on the best way to market your sale horse (“What Lies Beneath”).

Price: $6.00

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