Legends, Volume 5


$ 23.95

By Sally Harrison, Frank Holmes, Alan Gold, Ty Wyant

Featuring 16 stallions and 2 mares, Volume 5 profiles 18 influential Quarter Horses including: Little Joe, Joe Moore, Monita, Bill Cody, Joe Cody, Topsail Cody, Pretty Buck, Pat Star Jr., Skipa Star, Hank H, Chubby, Bartender, Leo San, Çustus Rastus (TB), Jaguar, Jackie Bee, Chicado V, and Mr. Bar None. The largest to date in this series, Legends 5 is 248 pages with nearly 300 photos, many rarely seen. As with previous volumes, each story includes a four-generation pedigree, show and/or race record summary, sire or production record summary and many photos. As with the four previous volumes, an Orren Mixer painting graces the cover.

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