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Dick Pieper- The Maneuvers Part 1

Western Horseman

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The Maneuvers - Part 1

The Maneuvers Part 1 is the second DVD in Dick's training series, The Language of Horsemanship. In this DVD, you will take the three essential tools learned from The Basics and apply them to training a light and responsive finished horse. Dick will walk you through how basic reining maneuvers will give you ultimate connection with your horse whether it is on the trail or in the show pen. 

Chapter-1 Introduction
Chapter-2 Spins
Chapter-3 Stops & Roll Backs
Chapter-4 Backing

Total Running Time: 1hr 8min

As one of the most respected horsemen alive today, Dick’s vast career includes championships in the National Reining Horse Association, National Cutting Horse Association, American Quarter Horse Association, and National Reined Cow Horse Association. Dick is a NRHA Futurity Champion and member of the NRHA Hall Of Fame. His success in equine competition is impressive, but his true gift is his ability to communicate with both people and horses. Dick is a master horseman. Many industry professionals consult with him on a regular basis because he knows what makes a horse tick, and he's now offering his insight into the horse's mind to you.