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Western Horseman January 2022

Western Horseman

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Gals, girls, ladies, females, women… Western Horseman’s January issue is all about ‘em. And it’s also produced by them…no guys allowed on this one, folks. Photographers, writers, designers, sales representatives…all women.

In this issue Western Horseman gives a nod to ten women who are so good we can call them bad. Then we travel with Adrianne Cruz as she handles the business of flying horses from California to Hawaii. Kelsey Thomas gives us her step-by-step checklist to roping accurately, and finally, we talk with Hailey Kinsel about sitting in the middle of history unfolding, owning and running a barrel a horse that will be record books. Kinsel rides a muliti-millionaire mare and that’s feature-worthy.

Price: $4.99